Geoff Johns Confirms That He’s Co-Writing The Batman Alongside Ben Affleck

BVS Batman fight

If you’re an avid comic book reader, you’ll no doubt be making it a priority this Wednesday to pick up a copy of Rebirth #1, an issue which sets up the future of the DC Universe as Geoff Johns takes a step back as a writer of monthly comics in order to focus on both being the publisher’s Chief Content Officer, and act as one of the heads of the DC Films division.

Asked to explain what that latter position will entail, Johns shed some light on where he fits into the grand scheme of things in regards to both DC’s movie endeavours and other adaptations.

“My job is to help other Warner Brothers divisions work with DC. I work with Warner TV and producers to get these shows up and running, in particular with The Flash, where I co-created the show, wrote a few episodes, wrote the pilot episode. I work with other people, Ames Kirshen in games, the studios like Rocksteady and Netherrealm, go in there on character choices, story they’re going to do and brainstorm on that, try to keep it true to comics.”

That all sounds great, but one project which Johns will be very closely involved with is The Batman, the still undated movie which we know is set to be directed by Ben Affleck. The comic book writer (who has plenty of experience penning adventures featuring the Caped Crusader) went on to confirm that he’s co-writing the movie and expressed his excitement to be working on it.

“I do get to say I’m working on Batman with Ben Affleck. That gets the Thanksgiving table excited, especially my brother.”

Affleck and Johns working together on The Batman is definitely something of a dream team. On the one hand, you have a filmmaker responsible for the likes of Argo and The Town, and on the other, you have a writer who has worked on The Flash TV series and been responsible for amazing runs on titles like Justice League, Green Lantern, and Batman: Earth One.

Needless to say, The Batman can’t get here soon enough.