Geoff Johns Praises Ben Affleck’s Work On The Batman, Says “He’s Amazing”


Just a day after Ben Affleck showered praise on his The Batman co-writer Geoff Johns, the comic book scribe has returned the favour during an appearance yesterday evening on Late Night with Seth Meyers. The DC Entertainment Chief Content Officer was there to promote the release of DC Rebirth #1, but talk quickly turned to the Dark Knight’s next solo outing.

Asked what it’s been like to work with Affleck (who is also expected to direct) on The Batman, Johns said:

“He’s amazing, but he’s amazing at dialogue. When he reads the dialogue I just sit there going ‘Wow, I’m talking to Batman!'”

Considering the fact that the filmmaker once won an Oscar for his writing (Good Will Hunting), that probably shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, and the combination of his top notch dialogue and Johns’ comic book knowledge does make these two something of a dream team when it comes to how exciting a movie like The Batman is for fans.

Of course, when the movie is actually going to reach the big screen remains to be seen. It doesn’t currently have a release date, and with both Affleck and Johns taking a more hands on role in the development of Justice League, they’re going to be busy shaping the DC Films Universe for quite some time. As a result, The Batman is probably at least a few years away.

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