Geoffrey Rush Takes A Role In Alex Proyas’ Gods Of Egypt


Alex Proyas’ Gods of Egypt is heating up. Already set to star is Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and just yesterday, we heard that Gerard Butler will be hopping on board too. Now, we’re receiving news that Geoffrey Rush is getting involved as well in the upcoming fantasy film, which will focus on  “a mortal who gets caught up in a dispute between deities.”

Coster-Waldau is set for the role of Horus, whose father Osiris is murdered by Butler’s character, a god named Set. Seeking revenge, Horus attempts to kill Set, who is his uncle, but fails. Not one to give up, he teams up with another god named Hathor and a human thief in hopes that they’ll help him avenge his father. Rush is currently set for the role of the sun god Ra, who is the father of Set and Osiris.

It all seems a bit strange and silly and far too similar to the horrid Clash of the Titans. That being said, the cast that’s lined up here could provide for some good fun and Proyas is certainly an interesting director, always delivering a solid visual experience. Depending on the direction that Proyas decides to take this in, it could turn out to be some good, mindless popcorn entertainment.

Tell us, are you excited to see Geoffrey Rush take a role in Gods of Egypt? Does the film sound appealing to you? Let us know in the comments below.