George Clooney Has Coronado High In His Sights, May Reteam With Argo Scribe


George Clooney and his producing partner Grant Heslov clearly aren’t fans of resting on their laurels. After spearheading hostage thriller Argo to Oscar success last year, they immediately began filming Monuments Men – a drama film starring Matt Damon which will be released later this year. Furthermore, according to The Wrap, the pair also has their eyes on a future project entitled Coronado High, which will be adapted from an as-yet-unpublished article from Joshuah Bearman.

If Bearman’s name rings a bell, it probably should. The journalist provided Clooney & Co. with the creative foundations for Argo with his article ‘How the CIA used a fake Sci-Fi flick to rescue Americans from Tehran’ which was published in 2007. Thankfully, though, Ben Affleck decided against using that as the movie’s title. While details remain scant at this point in time, we do know the basis of Coronado High’s subject matter. It is said to orbit around a group of adolescent drug smugglers operating in the town of Coronado, San Diego less than 20 miles north of the Mexican border.

While Clooney worked closely with Affleck for Argo – in fact, he was poised to direct the film at one stage – Coronado High is said to be his own project. Sony Pictures have expressed an interest in the film and, should the filmmaker secure funding, will most likely see the return of Heslov as executive producer. Mind you, this is a film very much in its infancy, and with no writer or casting confirmed as of yet, it may be sometime before we learn more of Coronado High.

Using Argo as a barometer for success, however, it’s easy to understand the excitement surrounding this project. Clooney has a short yet relatively successful history in directing – including Good Night, and Good Luck and 2011’s The Ides Of March with Ryan Gosling – plus, Bearman is clearly a coveted writer after receiving deserved recognition in the wake of Argo.

We’ll keep you posted when we learn more about Coronado High. For now, though, tell us what you’d like to see from Clooney’s latest in the comments below. Hint: it may involve some more beardage.

Source: The Wrap