George Clooney Fighting Noah Wyle For Steve Jobs Biopic

George Clooney is reportedly up against another E.R. star, Noah Wyle, for the lead role in the Steve Jobs biopic. The film, which is set up at Sony Pictures, is said to be under the working title Apple and will be penned by writer Aaron Sorkin.

Clooney is apparently desperate for the part, and personally I think he would be a great choice. Wyle who is younger than Clooney, has played Jobs before in Pirates of Silicon Valley, a movie that aired on TNT in 1999, which may give him a small advantage. However, with the film set to focus on the whole of Jobs’ life, Clooney’s age may be the drawing card that gets him the job.

That being said, I think Wyle could still do a fine job. While Clooney may be a bigger draw for box office, Wyle shouldn’t have any troubles handling the role.

What do you think? Clooney or Wyle?