George Clooney Replaces Robert Downey Jr. In Gravity

Big news here. George Clooney has replaced Robert Downey Jr. in Alfonso Cuaron’s upcoming film Gravity. Downey Jr. recently left the project due to scheduling issues. Clooney is now set to take on the role Downey Jr. was going to play. Sandra Bullock who was going to co-star with Downey Jr. is still attached to the project.

Gravity is a sci-fi epic that has been through a lot of casting changes. Angelina Jolie, Blake Lively, Natalie Portman and Marion Cotillard were all attached to the project at one point or another. The film has gone through a lot of financing problems also and at one point, it was almost scrapped.

Gravity is set to be shot in 3D, use a lot of CGI (60% of the film is said to be CGI) and feature a 20 minute opening shot. The film will start shooting this spring, once Clooney finishes up directing The Ides of March.

According to The Playlist, the film is about:

Two astronauts (Bullock, Clooney) who are randomly place in a space disaster outside of Earth’s gravity. The setting is nebulous, but it’s meant to feel—by our estimation—maybe only 15-20 years in the future. The two then have to use their wits and every ounce of energy to get back to earth before a huge asteroid field destroys their ship and the satellite they’ve docked nearby on.

So Clooney and Bullock in Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity. Your thoughts?