George Lucas Rumored To Want Dave Filoni To Replace Kathleen Kennedy

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As Lucasfilm’s Executive Creative Director, Dave Filoni is now one of the three most important people when it comes to shaping the direction of the Star Wars franchise alongside Jon Favreau and studio president Kathleen Kennedy. That’s a hell of a position for a lifelong fan of the series to end up in, especially when he thought his first call from George Lucas almost fifteen years ago was someone playing a joke.

He’s now tasked with overseeing both the live-action and animated Disney Plus roster of projects set in a galaxy far, far away, so you can completely understand why Mark Hamill called him Lucas’ Padawan, even if he hasn’t been too involved in the theatrical side of things just yet other than working as a concept artist on The Force Awakens and receiving a special thanks in the credits of Rogue One.

Dave Filoni

However, a new rumor claims that the bearded plaid enthusiast and brains behind Star Wars wants his protege to assume control of the entire Lucasfilm operation. Obviously, we should point out that the story originated on Reddit and should by no means be taken as gospel, especially when the cold, hard fact is that it doesn’t really matter what George Lucas thinks.

While there’s a massive number of fans who would love nothing more than for Kennedy to be booted out of the hot seat, one thing they all share with the creator of the property is that none of them are employed by Lucasfilm and don’t have an official say in any matters at a creative or boardroom level. That’s without even mentioning Dave Filoni’s complete lack of experience in live-action, running a studio or being involved in anything that isn’t Star Wars-related dating back to 2005, so best dump a heap of salt on this one for now.

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