George Miller Reveals Mad Max: Fury Road Sequel Script Already Written


One of the movies that departed Comic-Con with the most wind in its sails this year was definitely Mad Max: Fury Road, which debuted a first trailer to widespread acclaim from fans of the dystopian franchise. And though we have a while to wait until the film, which stars Tom Hardy as Max and Charlize Theron as a new character named Furiosa, hits theaters next summer, recent comments by George Miller suggest that Fury Road will almost certainly lead in to even more Mad Max madness.

During the Comic-Con press conference, Miller revealed that he has already begun putting together sequels to Fury Road:

“In order to tell this story, we came up with two others. We’ve written the screenplay of one and the novelization of another, but it’s a very rough novel. We kept working on them while we were working on other things.”

That’s tremendously exciting news for Mad Max fans, and Miller’s devotion to the material suggests he feels confident in Warner Bros.’ willingness to order more films after Fury Road. Certainly the Comic-Con buzz was strong enough to suggest that this new installment will be a major hit.

One way to interpret Miller’s comments is that the second script is for Mad Max: Furiosa, which was rumored to be a companion film to Fury Road a few years back. Originally, Fury Road was intended to be two films shooting back-to-back, one led by Hardy and the other by Theron. Obviously, Warner Bros. didn’t want to jump into that right away without knowing whether there was still an appetite for the franchise, so Fury Road ended up getting greenlit – not Furiosa.

Another reason to suspect Furiosa is one of the screenplays is that Fury Road actually didn’t have one. Instead, Miller relied on very detailed storyboards for the movie, which was said to have made WB execs extremely nervous (though the move appears to have worked out).

We’ll probably hear more about potential sequels to Mad Max: Fury Road as the film’s May 15th, 2015 release date draws closer.

Are you ready to hit the road with Max again, or has this series played itself out? Let us know below!

Source: The Playlist