George Nolfi To Direct Darren Aronofsky’s XOXO

Variety reports that Darren Aronofsky‘s Facebook romance XOXO has found its director in George Nolfi. The director is actually more seasoned as a writer, having penned The Bourne Ultimatum and Ocean’s 12 to name a few, but his directorial debut, The Adjustment Bureau, did manage to turn heads.

A film described as a Facebook romance cries out romantic comedy, but XOXO should be a fair bit darker than your typical romcom, prompting some descriptions to refer to it as a thriller. Plus, the script was written by Black Swan scribe Mark Heyman, so odds are it won’t leave audiences feeling cheery.

The description First Showing provides gives a bit of a glimpse into the darker side of the film, check it out below:

The story follows an executive climbing the corporate ladder with great success who’s engaged, but has a good time flirting with other women on the world wide web. When he meets an intriguing woman on Facebook, the two develop their relationship online, but the romance starts to take a turn for the worse when it begins to seep into his life in a deadly way… the thriller looks to explore the concept of false identities in the online world.

That description certainly has me intrigued. Plus, I loved The Adjustment Bureau, so I’m basically willing to see anything Nolfi is attached to at this point. From what we know so far, XOXO should make for a great follow-up to his successful debut.

Nolfi is overseeing a re-write, so odds are this film won’t get off the ground until at least early next year, but hopefully some casting news comes our way soon.

Check back for more news on XOXO and share your thoughts in the comments below.