George Takei Fires Shots At Joe Rogan Over Autofellatio Comments

There’s no denying that Joe Rogan has been on the receiving end of a lot of criticism over the years. However, it’s a recently revealed bit about himself that currently has the entire internet buzzing.

On a recent episode of his podcast, he claimed that he’s capable of performing autofellatio. No seriously, in Rogan’s own words, “I could suck my own d**k if I wanted to! I’m super flexible. I’ve never done it — but I’ve put it around my face just to know I could do it.”

Talk about a bit of an overshare right? It certainly made his guests Ari Shaffir, Mark Normand and Shane Gillis feel a bit awkward. But now tons of people are taking this moment to take their best shot at the controversial podcast host, including Star Trek legend George Takei.

He wasn’t the only famous name to take a moment to dunk on Rogan either, with loads of the internet coming together to pile on the insults.

Ouch, that has to hit hard…

He does have some very fervent fans, but we’re not sure we agree here.

Same to be honest…

So what do you think about these extremely weird revelations about Joe Rogan? Is George Takei right in his assessment of his character? Sound off in the comments.