George Takei Fires Shots At Joe Rogan Over Autofellatio Comments

There’s no denying that Joe Rogan has been on the receiving end of a lot of criticism over the years. However, it’s a recently revealed bit about himself that currently has the entire internet buzzing.

On a recent episode of his podcast, he claimed that he’s capable of performing autofellatio. No seriously, in Rogan’s own words, “I could suck my own d**k if I wanted to! I’m super flexible. I’ve never done it — but I’ve put it around my face just to know I could do it.”

Talk about a bit of an overshare right? It certainly made his guests Ari Shaffir, Mark Normand and Shane Gillis feel a bit awkward. But now tons of people are taking this moment to take their best shot at the controversial podcast host, including Star Trek legend George Takei.

He wasn’t the only famous name to take a moment to dunk on Rogan either, with loads of the internet coming together to pile on the insults.

Ouch, that has to hit hard…

He does have some very fervent fans, but we’re not sure we agree here.

Same to be honest…

So what do you think about these extremely weird revelations about Joe Rogan? Is George Takei right in his assessment of his character? Sound off in the comments.

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  1. Harbingersays:

    Oh Please! Such hypocrisy is unbecoming, especially for you George Takei. If any one of us could do what a dog does we’d never leave the house! However, in Joe Rogan’s case you should be not only encouraging him, but supporting him in such an activity. After all, he’s far less likely to be making an ass of himself by talking if he’s got something in his mouth preventing him from talking.

  2. Fuck "wegotthis"says:

    I watched the podcast. The little comment about how the guests felt awkward after he said what he said, is plain bullshit.

    1. Kevosays:

      LITERALLY they were verbatim “show us your dick” 😂

    2. fucktwitter365says:

      [email protected] liar wrote this article lmao

  3. B-Mansays:

    He is a fucking comedian, just because you don’t think it’s funny, doesn’t mean it wasn’t a joke.
    Part time listeners to his podcast trolling for clickbait always forget mention (or even hear) his comments of not to take him seriously because he is a comedian. And who really care what most of these washed up people think anyway. Their comments about Joe just somehow make them more relevant.

  4. Gorillasays:

    As usual, butt hurt pussies that don’t have a sense of humor or understand joking around. And the first weren’t awkward. If you’re gonna trash it least watch the fucking show and know what’s going on.

  5. Baracksays:

    Hey George, your so full of shit because the only one with something or someone up their ass is you, literally and figuratively, you might not like Rogan but at least he is relevant in society today in several mediums unlike you that is not and has not been relevant in decades, get over it douchebag, either that or pull that cock out of your ass.

  6. BIG GULPsays:

    Does he swallow himself

    1. Got emsays:

      Looks like you are all about 1 thing

  7. Munkerssays:

    Joe might have his head up his ass, but we all know what George has up his.

  8. Munkerssays:

    Joe may have his head up his ass, but we all know what George has up his ass.

  9. Munkerssays:

    We all know what George has up his ass!

  10. Munkerssays:

    We all know what’s up George’s Ass!

  11. Not_my_real_namesays:

    I got $100 that says George takei has eaten his own ass before

  12. Munkerssays:

    We all know what is up George’s butt.

  13. Munkerssays:

    We all know what George likes up his ass.

  14. Munkerssays:

    I can only imagine what’s been up George’s butt.

  15. Dumbosays:

    Autofellatio. Carin would get a kick out of that. What a bunch of whine ass fuckers inhabit this lowly part of the universe. Suck your dick.

  16. Lucifersays:

    I love how so many people listen to his podcast just to shit on it. They could also, not listen to it.

  17. Heddysays:

    I like Joe Rogan’s sincerity and his conversations with interesting guests. But, his mouth got ahead of him on his “flexibility” remark.

  18. Spacesays:

    GT is low hanging fruit. Too bad he’s still polluting our planet with his wasted breath

  19. Peter Gozinyasays:

    Famous people??? Who are the famous people? You list George Takei, whome has not been relevant in 50 years and a few people that 95% of the world have never heard of that purchased blue checks. You should be ashamed that you even wrote this article. In fact the lack of intelligence and fore thought that you used (or actually didn’t) is mind blowing. You should honestly never be published again.

  20. Ed Rosssays:

    People need to stop being such pearl clutchers. There’s nothing creepy about a person who is flexible enough to do it mentioning it offhand in a casual conversation, especially a professional comedian. Legacy media just hates Joe because he has a bigger audience than they do and they don’t control his narrative. So every crumb of a controversy is an excuse to chortle.

  21. Feckliberalssays:

    I guess that will dostractvypur mindless drones from more of your lies about him being debunked.

  22. Citizen Msays:

    Oh My!
    Poor old Sulu has a hissy fit.
    There, I fixed the headline.

  23. Crookedlampsays:

    George is a washed up never was. He consistently says completely stupid things. Click bait articles like this which are complete crap and barley scrape the truth are the babe of society. Like I care about the Twitter posts you showed.. surprise there are all kinds of garbage on Twitter. Like anyone actually cares what George thinks.. he’s literally done nothing of meaning. His best days where on the Howard Stern show..

  24. Whocarez1says:

    So, when you told your parents you were going to be a journalist, was this the kind of thing you told them you’d be writing? Every little kid’s dream – to be writing an article about auto-fellatio that gets posted at 3am on a Monday night. Better clear off some shelf space for that Pulitzer! 😂

  25. Everything about this blows..says:

    The fact that three and a half paragraphs and 5 retweets with one line rebuttals count as content these days is abhorrent. The nut jobs that came to the comment section to defend Joe wrote more. But as fans of a conspiracy theory podcast that goes on for what, like three hours at a time, can you be surprised..? I also love that Rogan said it and then immediately cleared it up by saying it was because his flexibility, as if to say “yeah I could totally blow myself, but not because my dick is big..”

  26. ToTheRiversays:

    Every D list celebrity is piling on Joe to try be relevant again.

  27. Backcountry164says:

    This is what passes for modern journalism. An article featuring tweets from butt-hurt nobodies. I’d be embarrassed to put my name on this sort of trash.

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