Gerard Butler Reuniting With Greenland Director For New Action Thriller

Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler‘s name has almost become a subgenre unto itself over the last decade, and seeing the gruff Scotsman attached to a project is typically more than enough to guarantee it’ll draw in a decent-sized audience at the very least.

The actor has comfortably settled into his niche as one of the mid-budget action thriller’s leading lights, and with Liam Neeson once again claiming he’s set to retire from a life of running and gunning, there’s a spot about to open up at the very top of the food chain. Director Ric Roman Waugh has become a regular collaborator of Butler’s over the last few years as well, and the duo are now set to head to Saudi Arabia to shoot Kandahar.


Waugh helmed the third installment in the Fallen franchise that stars the actor as the no-nonsense Mike Banning, and the filmmaker is returning to tackle fourth outing Night Has Fallen, while they also teamed up for the apocalyptic Greenland, which was one of the rare movies released during 2020 to actually turn a profit at the box office and drew strong reviews from critics. Not to mention it ended up being a massive success when it was added to the Amazon Prime library.

Kandahar will see Gerard Butler as an undercover CIA agent working the Middle East, but when his identity is compromised, he ends up stuck in the middle of enemy territory, where he’ll presumably be forced to punch, kick, shoot and stab his way out. The project was first announced last June, but it looks like it could end up going into production before Night Has Fallen, with an eye to releasing next year.