Gerard Butler’s Geostorm To Undergo Expensive Reshoots


Principal photography on Geostorm has been complete for almost two years now, but we’ve still yet to see the film appear in theatres. With a cast that includes Gerard Butler, Ed Harris, Andy Garcia and more, and an exciting premise that follows a man who heads into space to prevent “climate-controlling satellites from creating a storm of epic proportions,” you’d think that Skydance would be eager to release it. Well, they were, at least until they began showing test screenings.

After audiences reacted poorly to the first few cuts of the film, the studio has decided to send Geostorm back for some expensive reshoots. THR tells us that the additional scenes will cost roughly $15 million to shoot. Not only that, but Jerry Bruckheimer has been brought in to consult, and original director Dean Devlin is being replaced with Gotham‘s Danny Cannon.

From what we’re hearing, there will be “significant changes” made to the film, as the studio is creating a brand new character and recasting another. Obviously, this doesn’t bode well for Geostorm and must have the folks at Skydance pretty worried right about now. Admittedly, reshoots aren’t always a bad thing (look how Rogue One ended up turning out), but this certainly doesn’t sound too promising – especially when you consider how long the project has been on the shelf for.

We’re hoping that we’re wrong though, because as we said above, Geostorm definitely sounds like it could be a good time. Let’s hope that the studio can work through everything and give us an enjoyable disaster flick when the film blasts into theatres on October 20th, 2017.