Get Out Helmer Jordan Peele Circling Candyman Remake


candyman (1)

The so-hot-right-now Jordan Peele (Get Out) and his Monkeypaw Productions are “in talks” to remake Candyman, Bernard Rose’s cult horror movie from 1992 that’s based on the Clive Barker short story, The Forbidden. Yes, that Clive Barker.

Bloody Disgusting has the scoop, confirming that Peele and his production banner are currently circling the long-dormant project, though there’s no guarantee at the moment that it’ll see the warm light of day.

For one, Jordan Peele has been incredibly busy since guiding Get Out to superstardom (all the while bagging a Best Director Oscar nomination in the process), as he’s currently presiding over a slate which includes such high-profile projects as Nazi-killer series The Hunt, Lovecraft Country and a modern-day reinvention of The Twilight Zone. The prolific filmmaker also earned a producer’s credit on BlacKkKlansman, arguably the finest Spike Lee joint in years.


Of course, as fans will know, a Candyman remake has been floated for a long, long time; for instance, writer-director Bernard Rose expressed his interest in a possible sequel that would’ve brought back Virginia Madsen as Helen, whose encounter with the titular boogeyman acted as a potent dose of nightmare fuel back in ’92.

Now, it seems as though we’re more likely to get a true remake of the cult horror classic as opposed to some form of continuation. And frankly, that’s okay, as Peele has long proven his ability to come in and deliver a prescient horror movie with bite.

Sweets for the sweet? Jordan Peele is currently eyeing up a remake of Candyman through his Monkeypaw Productions banner. Whether or not he chooses to direct is another question entirely, but Bloody Disgusting’s scoop is a tangible sign of life from a franchise that’s laid dormant for decades.