Ghost Adventures Host Zak Bagans To Produce New Charles Manson Doc

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Despite dying last year, it looks as if 2018 is set to be a big one for Charles Manson.

Grabbing the most attention is Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, which apparently revolves around the neighbours to the house in which the notorious Manson murders took place. Following shortly on that film’s heels will be the biopic Charlie Says, to be directed by American Psycho‘s Mary Harron. And now, on top of all that, it’s just been announced that we’re to get Manson’s Bloodline as well, a documentary about his life and death.

In a move that definitely indicates a tone of respectfulness and sobriety, TMZ reports that the film is being executive produced by professional ghost hunter Zak Bagans, of the Travel Channel’s paranormal investigation show Ghost Adventures. Bagans explains that his pic will cover the entirety of Manson’s life, including the news of his death and the subsequent court battle over his body. Right now, it’s hyping up the fact that it’ll contain exclusive footage of his open casket funeral.


The concept for the documentary arose from Bagans meeting Manson’s grandson Jason Freeman while filming Deadly Possessions – a show where the “mysterious energy” of haunted artifacts is explored. Freeman brought in one of Manson’s prison televisions, which may or may not have been haunted, and a friendship was born. Apparently, all Jason wanted to do was meet his dear old grandfather face to face, and Bagans decided to film his journey. Freeman never got the chance whilst Manson was alive, but was granted custody of the body and allowed Bagans to shoot the funeral.

There seem to be a lot of vultures feeding off Manson’s stringy carcass of late, and frankly, this documentary sounds a bit suspicious. There’s just something kind of ghoulish about touting a project where the main selling point appears to be close-up footage of Charles Manson’s corpse.

Oh well, word is that networks are in talks about picking it up, so as soon as we hear more about Manson’s Bloodline, we’ll be sure to let you know.