6 Key Things We Learned In The First Ghost In The Shell Trailer

5) The Major’s Introduction

Ghost in the shell,

After getting a feel for the setting, the trailer introduces Johansson as the Major. As the geisha-bots attack, the Major stands on the rooftop above. Announcing that she’s “going in,” she shrugs off a military coat to reveal her body-hugging high-tech thermoptic suit. After jumping from the roof, she crashes through the window below and mows down the bad guys.

We’re guessing the scene used is also the first reveal of the character in the film – because it’s taken practically wholesale from the 1995 anime. It makes for a fantastic action-packed opening, one which gets across the character’s core sexiness and incredible capability in the field.


It seems that the major (no pun intended) area from which the movie is borrowing from the anime is its set pieces. Not only is the Major’s introduction lifted from the 1995 film, but so is a fight at the docks seen later on in the trailer.

In that sequence, we see the Major using the optic camouflage function of her suit to deal with an assailant during a scuffle in the water. The Major’s invisibility is an important part of her arsenal and it looks like, just as we saw in the teaser trailer, this will be a significant element of the movie. Naturally, it also helps that it requires the actress to wear next to nothing.