Ghostbusters 3 Has Been Delayed Again

Ghostbusters 3 has had a hell of a ride so far, and it hasn’t even started being made.

Such a ride, in fact, that it’s worth asking as to whether or not Hollywood should just throw in the towel on this one. Especially given the latest news, which aligns perfectly with that of Halloween (’cause of the ghosts).

According to The A.V. ClubGhostbusters 3 is back into development hell again, apparently, or something along those lines, which means you’ll have to wait to see it for a longer (and more ambiguous) stretch of time.

This all has to do with Sony’s current financial issues – which are not very good, to say the least – and the fact that cast members are joining and unjoining this project like it’s going out of style. That means you, Bill Murray. Which means that Ghostbusters 3 will absolutely not go into production until at least 2014 (if ever), because you need to plan these things properly, people.

At this rate, we’ll be genuinely surprised if this movie ever gets made, and frankly, we couldn’t care less if it doesn’t.

What do you make of this news? Are you annoyed or relieved that the planet will go without Ghostbusters 3 for even longer?