Ghostface delivers a delightful in-universe joke in response to ‘Scream’ Oscars snub

Ghostface in 'Scream VI'
Image via Paramount Pictures

In the aftermath of the official nominations being revealed for the upcoming 95th Academy Awards, stars of all different calibers are crawling out of the woodwork to provide their two cents on the matter — and it now looks like Ghostface, the iconic villain from the Scream franchise, is the latest epitome offering up an opinion. Interestingly enough, however, the villain’s gut-busting outlook is instead layered as a joke — and if there’s one thing Ghostface does right, it’s comedy.

The entire ordeal completely amused all of Twitter, where Ghostface decided to stir up some Oscars controversy by insisting that Stab, the faux franchise of movies that are canon in the Scream universe, was snubbed by the Academy. In that same vein, Ghostface argued that the film should be nominated for “Best Cut” — a category that we would all surely find some humor in. You can check out the post for yourself down below:

The unsettling spooky figure is synonymous with causing havoc and playing pranks in the long-standing film series, so ridiculing the Academy for snubbing a fake horror movie is right on par with Ghostface’s typical antics and goofy persona. And with the Academy once again crafting an all-male Best Director category, somehow the baddie’s criticism makes sense now more than ever before.

But who knows, perhaps the time will eventually come when one of the Scream sequels is nominated for an Oscar. It’s a shot in the dark, without a doubt, but there’s no discounting that stranger things have happened. Be sure to find out if any character is Oscar-worthy when Scream VI arrives in theaters on March 10.