G.I. Joe Fans Freaking Out Over First Snake Eyes Trailer

Snake Eyes

The first trailer for Snake Eyes dropped yesterday, and it looks… surprisingly okay, actually. Admittedly, the promo runs for less than a minute and focuses almost entirely on the action, but both the visual effects and fight choreography seem solid, promising much more of a martial arts movie than the standard pyrotechnics that characterized Paramount’s previous two stabs at launching a G.I. Joe franchise.

Given the tepid critical and commercial responses generated by predecessors The Rise of Cobra and Retaliation, expectations are hardly though the roof for the spinoff, but that might actually work in the favor of Snake Eyes, even if the G.I. Joe Origins subtitle is enough to conjure unwanted memories of Hugh Jackman’s disappointing first solo outing as Wolverine over a decade ago.

Naturally, fans were quick to make their thoughts known on the footage showing star Henry Golding kicking all sorts of villainous ass, and you can check out some of the reactions below.

Director Robert Schwentke’s track record isn’t great when it comes to blockbusters, after he previously helmed the first two installments in the middling Divergent series and Ryan Reynolds’ major box office bomb R.I.P.D., although Bruce Willis actioner Red delivered when it came to the set pieces, so the jury is still very much out on this one.

Paramount will be hoping that third time marks the charm for the studio’s attempt to turn G.I. Joe into a long-running and marketable property, but if Snake Eyes fails to deliver then it could be game over for the repeated attempts to relaunch the brand. However, the early signs are at least encouraging looking at how it’s shaping up so far.