Batman Writer Tom King To Pen Script For New Gods

Justice League New Gods Steppenwolf

The New Gods movie, from A Wrinkle in Time‘s Ava DuVernay actually seems to going somewhere. DC has announced so many potential films over the past little while that we’ve learned to have a “believe it when we see it” mentality. A solo venture for the inhabitants of the Fourth World is enough to make fans salivate, though, so we’re pleased to see that the project has now recruited one of the most acclaimed comics writers of the past few years.

The Wrap is reporting that DuVernay has hired Tom King to act as her co-writer on the movie. King’s most known to fans for helming a highly-popular run on Batman ever since the DC Rebirth relaunch. More pertinently to this, though, King has also penned Mister Miracle, earning many Eisner Awards for his fan favorite series based on the hero from New Genesis.

King recently announced that he was leaving Batman, wrapping up his historic tenure as the shepherd of the Dark Knight with a Batman/Catwoman title coming in 2020. That decision now makes a little more sense, as we’ve learned that the writer is moving on to the film side of things to help DuVernay bring the inhabitants of New Genesis and Darkseid’s hellish homeworld of Apokolips to life.

Back in January, We Got This Covered brought you the news that our sources had told us New Gods was set to focus on Mister Miracle and his beloved Big Barda as they fight to survive and escape Apokolips. We were also informed that the political rivalry between the two planets would be an important factor in the film. Who knows how much King boarding the project will change things, though.

New Gods doesn’t yet have a release date, but hopefully the ball will start rolling soon. After all, DC owes us something special after bungling the introduction of the Fourth World mythology in Justice League