Godzilla Director Reveals Which Kaiju Monsters He Wants To Introduce Next


If 2014’s Godzilla movie was decidedly lacking in iconic beasts – save for Big G himself – then its gargantuan sequel, King of the Monsters, brought out the Toho heavyweights.

From Rodan to Mothra, Scylla to Ghidorah, Legendary and writer-director Mike Dougherty left no stone unturned when resurrecting some of Godzilla’s most famous enemies (and allies) for the big screen. As a matter of fact, the final tally stands at 17 – 17 titans! – all of which brought something a little different to Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

But let’s say Dougherty is presented with the opportunity to return to Legendary’s MonsterVerse sometime beyond 2020 – and, by effect, beyond the release of Godzilla Vs. Kong – which Kaiju would he like to take off the bench? That very question was posed to the filmmaker just recently on Twitter, where one user asked straight-up: “which unknown kaiju would you bring to life if you had the opportunity to re-visit this universe?”

To which Mike Dougherty responded with:

The Gargantuas. Those boys are so weird and freaky yet strangely sympathetic.

First unveiled to the world back in 1966, the Gargantuas are strange, Frankenstein-spawn kaiju that never actually squared off against Godzilla, so it would certainly be interesting to see how Dougherty and his team would visualize said fight in a live-action setting.

There’s also the very real possibility that Legendary will overlook the Gargantuas and talk of Frankenstein monsters in favor of a more established enemy (i.e. King Kong), with whom Godzilla is able to duel. Those two titans are fated to meet in March of next year, when we’ll know once and for all whether Gojira really is the one true King of the Monsters.