The Godzilla And Kong: Skull Island Universe Finally Has A Name


Shared universes have become all the rage thanks to the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and with Godzilla and King Kong set to clash on the big screen in a few years from now, fans have been wondering for a while what this world they shared will be called. Well, thanks to some toy packaging, we finally know.

How does the “MonsterVerse” sound? An admittedly simple name, it’s to the point and makes sense for the world which will include the upcoming Godzilla sequel and Kong: Skull Island. We still know pretty much nothing about Godzilla vs. King Kong, though we have heard that the size of the latter has been increased in order to make it easier for them to come to blows on the big screen.

It’s going to be up to Kong: Skull Island to introduce a new version of that iconic creature, while Godzilla 2 (which won’t be helmed by Gareth Edwards) will no doubt lay the groundwork for their fight. There’s a lot of questions we still have about the studio’s plans here, but things are certainly starting to get exciting and with Skull Island just around the corner now, we should have some answers soon.

How much bigger this “MonsterVerse” is going to get remains to be seen, though it’s possible that some other familiar creatures could end up getting their own solo outings, too. For now, though, the spotlight is clearly going to remain firmly on Godzilla and King Kong, and that’s perfectly fine by us.