Godzilla Roars In New Trailer And Featurette


Many questions have circulated about the new Godzilla movie, not the least of them concerning whether the film will measure up to the iconic B-movie status of the original, or fail as miserably as the 1998 atrocity from Roland Emmerich. Whatever your feelings about remaking or reinventing such an iconic monster, the fact is that we’re going to see a new version of Godzilla in a mere matter of weeks. This naturally means that it’s time to ramp up the trailers and featurettes, complete with, perhaps, a few spoilers.

The latest Godzilla trailer gives us the most complete view of the big bad lizard yet, along with the requisite screaming and running and harried-looking scientists being harried. I also count at least one, if not more, other monsters wandering around, mostly confirming that this film will also feature some monster-on-monster battles that are usually confined to a sequel. This is not a spoiler, by the way – it’s all there in the trailer.

I’m honestly not certain how I feel about the way this film is shaping up. On the one hand, the original Godzilla is very much of its time, and iconic simply by virtue of its impressive special effects (for 1954, at least). Trying to remake it yet again seems like an exercise in futility. However, the original also is far from being A-material, and has not aged particularly well in terms of pacing or plot. If some of its environmental and Atomic Age undertones can be updated to our contemporary time period, I think that a new Godzilla might have a lot to say.

You can decide for yourself if it will be worth the price of admission by watching the latest trailer below, alongside a new featurette about the recording of the iconic roar.

Godzilla will stomp into theaters on May 16.

Source: The Playlist