Godzilla Sequel Has Been Confirmed


Gareth Edwards’ staggering monster feature, Godzilla, has barely finished its opening weekend run and already a sequel has been announced. Deadline reports that the follow-up has been greenlit by Legendary, who will co-produce with Warner Bros. It’s not surprising, considering the phenomenal box office haul the film’s already raked in.

Today’s news will no doubt spark a ton of speculation online about where the sequel will tread. After all, there’s a wealth of ideas to be raided from ‘Zilla’s back catalogue. At a press conference with Screen Rant following Comic-Con last year, Edwards made his favourite Godzilla flicks common knowledge, even brainstorming on ideas for a possible sequel way back then:

“With the exception of the 1954 original, I would say my second favorite film is Destroy All Monsters. I just love the idea of a monster island. Having a world with these creatures in it. I find that fascinating and would like to treat that realistically. I wouldn’t want to limit it to one other foe, I think it’s more fun to – this question will come back to haunt me if we ever do a sequel – but I think multiple creatures make better movies in terms of the image of Gojira.”

For those who loved the (SPOILERS) parasitic MUTOS entering into a beastie smackdown with Godzilla, the prospect of a sequel like Destroy All Monsters is mouth-watering news. In the 1968 flick, the United Nations grows sick of the kaijus (the monsters) running rampant and pillaging Earth’s classy architecture. So, they round them up and plant them all on Monster Island to keep them contained. Their plan runs afoul when an alien race cruises down to the planet and controls the monsters – getting them to attack cities.

Godzilla, even more monsters and ALIENS?! YES PLEASE! But really, it’s all about his biggest adversary: Mothra. And for those who’ve seen the latest Godzilla (SPOILER ALERT) – did you notice the teeny easter egg in Lt. Brody’s old bedroom? His animal tank had ‘Mothra’ written on its side. A hint for what’s to come? Let’s hope so.

Source: Deadline