Godzilla Teaser Trailer Hits Comic-Con


One of the problems with Comic-Con is that those of us who were not there get to hear about these awesome images, scenes, trailers and teasers, but not a single one has popped up online yet. So we’re left recapping in writing what’s really better seen – I imagine – on a screen. Case in point: the Godzilla teaser trailer that popped up today at the film’s panel.

The report about the teaser trailer comes down to this: we’re introduced to Bryan Cranston, playing a scientist or investigator running around in hazmat gear. Elizabeth Olsen is the victim of a disaster, Ken Watanabe is chilling in a control room and our hero Aaron Taylor-Johnson is a soldier. The world, it appears, is in crisis. There are monsters coming at us – apparently Mothra, or something that might be Mothra, is glimpsed. Then … we meet Godzilla. Godzilla, predictably, is one major monster.

Reports are that trailer is very character-centric, which is probably good, as right now the description sounds just a wee bit like Pacific Rim (monsters, destruction, people in control rooms). The rest of the panel was largely focussed, as these panels tend to be, on the experiences of the actors and director on the film. Production only wrapped on Godzilla two days ago after all. Director Gareth Edwards is calling this a passion project and not a blockbuster, and has nothing but praise for Legendary Entertainment, which he says gave him creative freedom.

Personally, I look forward to the rest of us poor plebians actually getting a look at the footage from Godzilla and making a choice about what we think of the film so far. It sounds like good fun, but how you tell based on a description? Is Godzilla really as big and impressive as everyone says? Maybe. We’ll just have to wait for the Internet to get a hold of the teaser to find out.