Viral Videos Emerge For Godzilla Reboot, Full Trailer To Arrive Tomorrow


The frustratingly vague marketing campaign for the Godzilla reboot from Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures continues this week with a cluster of viral videos featuring brief, grainy footage from the film and a voiceover that is believed to be from actor David Strathairn, who may or may not be playing a military leader of some sort in the movie based on previous rumors. Judging from the videos, it seems like a pretty safe bet that he is.

Strung together from all the videos in succession, here is what Strathairn’s character says:

“You want to help. Well, this is your chance. I realize not all of you have had hands-on experience. I know many of you have family and loved ones still in the city. None of us have ever faced a situation quite like this one before. Remember your training and you’ll be fine.”

It all amounts to a pretty ominous speech no doubt intended for those about to be stomped into dust by the mighty King of Monsters.

There are a few tantalizing bits in the clips as well. The third video gives us an ever-so-brief glimpse of Bryan Cranston looking pretty upset. The fourth shows an explosion amidst a crowd of people. All five of the videos flash the URL, which points to a website for a ficticious, shadowy government agency to which Strathairn’s character likely belongs. The site doesn’t do much, but it looks pretty neat. And really, that summarizes the whole marketing campaign for Godzilla up to this point.

Take heart, though, for tomorrow at 10:00 AM Pacific Time we will finally get to see the first official trailer for the movie. Hopefully it will give us what we’ve all been waiting for and reveal the big guy himself. After all, nobody went to see Aliens because they were really excited to see Paul Reiser.

Godzilla is slated to hit theaters on May 16, 2014. Please, please, please don’t let it be bad as the last attempt at Americanizing the most iconic of kaiju. Please?