Godzilla Vs. Kong Just Added A Black Panther Star


Decades before Alien fought Predator, Freddy took on Jason, and (at least as far as live-action films go) Batman traded blows with Superman, the Japanese kaiju movies would often feature the universe’s most formidable beasts – from Mechagodzilla to Mothra – having violent smackdowns while the fate of us mere humans lay helplessly in the balance. There was even a King Kong vs. Godzilla movie released way back in 1962, though the upcoming Godzilla vs. Kong will at least have the advantage of a far bigger budget to convey the full scale of this colossal clash.

One other thing that the Monsterverse’s fourth installment will have going for it is when it debuts next year is its wildly impressive cast. On the back of adding Deadpool 2 star Julian Dennison just the other week, we’re now hearing from Deadline that the project has scooped up the so hot right now Danai Gurira, best known for her roles across Black Panther and AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Godzilla vs. Kong

They’ll all be flanked by Millie Bobby Brown of Stranger Things and Kyle Chandler when the lights go down in two years’ time. As for who everyone’s playing, details remain thin on the ground at the current moment, and we’ll likely have to wait until Godzilla: King of the Monsters stomps its way into theaters before we get a better read on Gojira’s next big screen grudge match.

It’s one in which Toho’s apex predator is expected to go up against Rodan, Mothra and King Ghidorah, meaning Japan’s most famous movie monster will have plenty of practice before the inevitable Godzilla Vs. Kong pummels its way into theaters the following year. On May 22nd, 2020, to be specific.

Source: Deadline