Golden IMAX Posters For Wonder Woman Gather The Film’s Leading Ladies


Channeling the four primary attributes that make up Diana Prince – power, grace, wisdom, and wonder, for those of you keeping count – Warner Bros. has today launched a suitably stunning set of IMAX posters for Wonder Woman in which the leading ladies of Themyscira prepare to wage war.

Front and center is Gal Gadot’s Immortal Warrior, who can be seen wielding the Lasso of Truth and God Killer, a blade that has been housed up in the bowels of Themyscira for generations. “It’s beautiful!” exclaims the young, wide-eyed Diana, “but who would wield it?” To which Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) replies “only the fiercest among us even could. But that is not you, Diana.” We have a funny feeling Hippolyta will change her tune once Gal Gadot’s Amazonian Princess comes of age.

Speaking of which, Connie Nielsen’s graceful leader gets her own character poster, too. Ditto for Antiope (Robin Wright), the aunt to Diana Prince who schools Gal Gadot’s budding warrior on the deft art of hand-to-hand combat. Just last week, DC producer Charles Roven deemed Antiope to be the “greatest warrior of all time,” which only has us all the more excited to see Diana Prince begin to reach the height of her powers while battling Ares (and Axis forces!) on the frontlines. Perhaps more than anything else, Warner’s final marketing push has served as a pointed reminder that Diana Prince isn’t someone to be trifled with, and after an awful long time spent languishing in development, the Wonder Woman solo movie is almost upon us.

Treading the same path as Man of Steel, Batman V Superman, and David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman will become the fourth entry into Warner’s burgeoning DC Extended Universe on June 2nd. And it may just be the best DCEU movie yet.