The Goonies Stars Promise That A Sequel Will Happen Someday

The Goonies

“Hey, you guuuuys!”

If there’s one iconic ’80s film that could certainly use the reboot/remake treatment right about now, Richard Donner’s The Goonies would probably be it. While there’ve been many rumors over the years of the team getting back together to do a full-blown sequel to 1985’s beloved comedy-adventure flick, nothing’s materialized as of yet. And what a shame that is.

Speaking during a mini-reunion at FAN EXPO Canada though, some of the stars of the original movie gave us a bit of hope by insisting that a sequel/follow-up of some sort will happen “someday,” even if they couldn’t provide an exact timeline for when we can expect to see it.

“The audience wants it, they’re gonna do it, it’s annoying it’s taking so long, I’m sorry on behalf of Steven Spielberg,” Sean Astin said.

“Yeah, we’ll get it done tomorrow,” Feldman added. “I swear.”

“Someday. Someday it’ll happen,” Ke Huy Quan said more seriously.

The Goonies

So, there you have it. Another Goonies will indeed happen, we may just have to wait a while before we can lay eyes on it. Though that being said, with it pretty clear that there’s still a ton of nostalgia for iconic ’80s movies out there, we wouldn’t be surprised if maybe this project is further along than the stars are letting on.

After all, we’ve seen countless ’80s properties resurrected in recent years and there’s no reason to think execs in Hollywood aren’t eyeing The Goonies for the same treatment. Let’s just hope that if/when this does happen, it’s not just another rushed cash-grab like we’ve seen with so many other long-delayed sequels to classic 80s films. This particular movie holds a special place in the heart of many, so if they’re going to do a follow-up, or even some kind of reboot, they’ve got to do it right and treat the property with the care and attention it deserves.