Gory New Promo For The Predator Dials Up The Tension


The Predator is back in black. Or, rather, the galaxy’s most fearsome hunter is back because of Black.

Shane Black, that is, director of 20th Century Fox’s fourth installment in this most beloved of sci-fi franchises – sixth if we’re counting the Alien vs. Predator crossovers – which promises to be a gruesome, R-rated rebirth for cinema’s ugliest motherfucker.

Case in point: Fox’s gory new promo for The Predator, which finds Special Forces commando Quinn McKenna (Logan‘s Boyd Holbrook) staring up at what appears to be some human remains, dangling upside-down in the middle of a jungle. Alien: Covenant star James Franco was originally offered the role of McKenna, but ultimately passed. Fox’s attention then turned to Benicio del Toro of Avengers: Infinity War, though he too was forced to bow out dues to issues with scheduling.

But their loss is Holbrook’s gain, and below you’ll find a suitably NSFW GIF for The Predator.

With little over two months to go until D-day, this blood-soaked GIF arrives in good time. It also helps promote Shane Black’s star-studded reimagining without straying too far into spoiler territory.

Feast thy eyes:

And those last-minute reshoots? Turns out Shane Black wasn’t entirely satisfied with The Predator‘s third act, and ordered everyone back to set in order to capture the exact same finale under the veil of darkness – as opposed to filming those same scenes at daylight. The difference, as Black says, is quite literally night and day.

“Good luck killing something you can’t see…” Shane Black will hope to reintroduce The Predator with fire and fury this September.