‘Gravity Rush’ joins the never-ending production line of video game adaptations

Image via Illumination

When it comes to the much-lamented history of adapting video games for film and television, this era is a particularly congested one; with Uncharted and Resident Evil having already made their impact (if you could call it that), and Illumination’s animated Super Mario Bros. film on the doc for this holiday season, cyberspace seems to have found a revolving door to the camera reel.

And the latest to join in this coarse wave of adaptations is Gravity Rush, based on the 2012 action-adventure game of the same name.

The original game follows Kat, a teenage girl suffering from memory loss who has the ability to control her own gravity. With the help of her peculiar abilities and a feline friend named Dusty, Kat protects the citizens of Hekseville from the monstrous Nevi race, all while searching for information regarding her past.

Attached to direct the film is Anna Mastro, while Emily Jerome is set to pen the script. Currently, it’s unknown who will produce the film, despite the Gravity Rush IP originating from Sony.

Mastro’s previous credits include Secret Society of Second Born Royals, as well as episode credits on shows such as Runaways, Shameless, Jane the Virgin, Echoes, and Gossip Girl.

Jerome’s first script, Panopticon, a thriller about the nuances of the private prison system from the perspectives of an inmate, officer, and Wall Street regular, made 2017’s Black List. Gravity Rush is set to be her sophomore film script.

It will be supremely interesting to see what the pair can do with the peculiar springboard that is Gravity Rush, and we bet fans of the game will be checking for further news about it day in and day out for some time.