A Great Scarlett Johansson Movie Hits Disney Plus This Week


There’s a lot of Scarlett Johansson content on Disney Plus. Thanks to all those Marvel movies on the site, as well as her role in the Jungle Book remake, fans of the two-time Oscar-nominated actress have tons of choice if they’re in the mood to stick on one of her films. And even better is that there’s another great new addition to that lineup coming this week, as a somewhat overlooked entry in Johansson’s filmography is due to go up on D+ on Friday, January 15th.

The movie in question is 2018’s Isle of Dogs, which is notable for being the first Wes Anderson production to be found on Disney Plus. The acclaimed director lent his unique talents to this stop motion animation that can be classified as a sci-fi comedy-drama. The movie takes place in the near future, following the animal inhabitants of an island in Japan after an outbreak of canine flu causes the nation’s dogs to be exiled.

Johansson is just one of the many A-list stars who contributed their voices to the flick and the rest of the cast includes, but is not limited to, Bryan Cranston, Edward Norton, Jeff Goldblum, Bill Murray, Greta Gerwig, Frances McDormand, Harvey Keitel and Yoko Ono. Isle of Dogs is similar in tone to Anderson’s earlier Roald Dahl adaptation Fantastic Mr. Fox, though it’s aimed at more of an adult audience. As is clear from its new home on D+, though, it’s perfectly fine to watch it with the family.

Isle of Dogs

As you’d expect from Anderson, this was another critical darling, with Isle of Dogs sitting on a whopping 90% Rotten Tomatoes score. As the Critics Consensus summary puts it: “The beautifully stop-motion animated Isle of Dogs finds Wes Anderson at his detail-oriented best while telling one of the director’s most winsomely charming stories.” The picture was also nominated for two Academy Awards – Best Animated Feature Film and Best Original Score.

Make sure not to miss Isle of Dogs on Disney Plus when it arrives this Friday.