Green Lantern Corps Might Not Feature The Lanterns You’re Expecting


The long awaited restart of the Green Lantern franchise, which will hopefully make up for 2011’s hot mess of a movie starring Ryan Reynolds, is starting to gain some momentum now.

Titled Green Lantern Corps, it was recently reported that both Mission: Impossible director Christopher McQuarrie and series star Tom Cruise were being lined up to work on the film, which has previously been described as a buddy cop movie in space. No confirmation on that front just yet, but now we’re hearing it won’t feature the two Lanterns that fans were expecting.

Hal Jordan and John Stewart, the most famous ring-bearers from the comics, were presumed to star in the film, with some actors even putting their names forward for the roles. However, a new leak says that Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz will actually be the two who get the spotlight.

The duo are very recent additions to Green Lantern lore, debuting as part of DC’s Rebirth initiative back in 2016, and according to this intel, they’ll be assigned to rescue Hal Jordan, who’s lost in deep space. This would actually be a neat explanation for why he never showed up in Justice League.

What’s more, it’s said that Cruz will be the true lead of the film, with Corps joining the ranks of many other female-centric DC movies that Warner Bros. is working on (Wonder Woman 2, Birds of Prey, Batgirl). The reason Earth will have two Green Lanterns is allegedly because, while Baz is named as the new protector of Earth’s sector, Cruz is chosen by Hal’s ring. Its powers will apparently enhance her anxiety and insecurities, mirroring Jessica’s struggles to adjust to being a Lantern in the comics.

All of this is pretty plausible, and could very well end up being on the level. Then again, it could also be a load of nothing. Either way, tell us, would this version of Green Lantern Corps interest you? Make yourself heard down below!

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