Warner Brothers Executive Explains Plans For The DC Cinematic Universe


Ever since it was announced, the DC Cinematic Universe has been heavily criticized and scrutinized by fans across the internet. They’ve been critical of every single casting decision, costume reveal and trade report regarding which screenwriters and directors are working on the various projects. Then, of course, there’s the infamous rumor that states that there will be no humor in the DCCU whatsoever, which is still used as ammunition against the studio as it pushes forward with its ambitious, upcoming ten-film slate.

A recent report shed some light on the “filmmaker-driven” creator strategy that Warner Brothers is taking with the DCCU – a direct contrast to Marvel’s approach, which puts the shared universe itself above individual projects and differentiating creative visions. Even that report was met with heaps of criticism from the fan community, despite the fact that very few people actually know what’s going on behind closed doors.


Thankfully, one such person who does know what’s actually happening has finally spoken up: WB’s head of film production, Greg Silverman. Along with marketing president Sue Kroll, CEO Kevin Tsujihara, and director/producer Zack Snyder, Silverman is one of the driving forces behind the DCCU – so if anyone can set the record straight, it’s him.

Speaking with THR, Silverman shed some light on WB’s strategy for its superhero slate and addressed everything from how they plan to differentiate from the competition, Patty Jenkins taking over Wonder Woman after Michelle MacLaren’s departure, and yes, the “no humor” rumor…