Guardians Of The Galaxy Director James Gunn Debunks Yet Another Easter Egg Theory


You can go ahead and add the Homeworld of Micronauts #1 to the long, long list of Easter egg theories debunked by James Gunn, director of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Ever since his cosmic sleeper hit set the MCU ablaze back in 2014, Gunn has consistently reminded viewers that there’s one particularly elusive Easter egg yet to be found. Some fans have come close, only for the filmmaker to debunk their efforts via social media.

That’s the fate that befell Twitter user Ricardo Rodríguez (h/t Heroic Hollywood), who asked James Gunn if the Collector’s history lesson on the Infinity Stones is secretly hiding a nod to Homeworld, a molecular chain planet that belongs in Marvel’s Microverse. Its first appearance can be traced all the way back to Micronauts #1, and while Mr. Rodríguez earned brownie points for thinking outside the box, this is not the Easter egg Gunn is referring to. Close, but no cigar…

We’re beginning to think we’ll never find this damn Easter egg that James Gunn has tucked away within the fabric of Guardians of the Galaxy, but to their credit, Marvel fans continue to comb through each and every frame of the 2014 blockbuster in order to discover the hidden treasure.

Via Twitter:

It’s the big Easter egg that continues to elude our grasp, yet Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn is adamant that there’s still one top-secret reference that’s never been found. The search continues, then, and if you want to keep right up-to-date on this wild goose chase, we strongly advise giving Gunn a follow on Twitter. In related news, Drax the Destroyer himself, Dave Bautista, recently confirmed his place in both Vol. 3 and Avengers 4.

Source: Twitter