Guardians Of The Galaxy Pitted As Marvel’s Star Wars With New Artwork

Marvel's Phase 2: The Guardians of the Galaxy (2)

Following on from yesterday’s news spilled exclusively to Entertainment Weekly by Marvel’s head honcho, Kevin Feige, a new piece of concept artwork for Guardians Of The Galaxy has also been unveiled. Possibly the most unusual-sounding entry for Marvel’s cinematic universe, Guardians Of The Galaxy has a storyline unlike any other in their Phase Two line up.

This latest spot of art showcases young protagonist Quill gaping up at a ship, moments before he is whisked away in it. According to the reports, this will not be the ship referred to in the comics as Ship – the self-aware spacecraft who harbours affection for Quill. From a brief gander at the art, it looks to us like they’re both rather keen of each other anyway. Check it out below.

Feige, when explaining how exactly Guardians slots into the rest of the Marvel universe told EW:

“Guardians takes place within the continuity of the [other movies] but it’s on the other side of the universe. We’ve always wanted to do a space movie. I’m obsessed with Star Wars, I’m obsessed with Star Trek.”

Based on the 1969 comic, the film follows a motley crew charged with protecting the the Earth, the galaxy and…well, everything really. The crew includes Peter Quill, a half-alien leader played by Chris Pratt (of Parks and Recreation), genetically-engineered  nutter Rocky Raccoon, beautiful assassin Gamora played by Zoe Saldana, a warrior tree named Groot and muscleman Drax the Destroyer. Saldana’s Gamorra will be created through makeup and not CGI, the actress informed Total Film during a recent chat.

The film is to be directed by James Gunn of Slither, 2010’s under-the-radar Super and a shedload of Troma films.

Whether Guardians Of The Galaxy channels Star Wars or Tromeo and Juliet…with a bunch of reprobates as characters it’s gonna be a most welcome addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe when it opens August 2014.