Guardians Of The Galaxy Theory Explains Why Drax Thought He Was Invisible

Drax MCU

The Guardians of the Galaxy provided a lot of great comic relief in Avengers: Infinity War, and one of the internet’s favorite such moments was Drax’s attempt to become invisible to Star-Lord and Gamora while standing vaguely still and eating some nuts. It’s a hilarious scene that seems to be yet another window into the weird way Drax’s mind works, but this new theory argues that it may actually reveal something about the biology of Drax’s species.

Reddit user u/joebadiah has suggested that Drax’s alien vision prevents him from seeing other lifeforms that are still or barely moving. For instance, they note how Baby Groot frequently stops dancing when Drax looks at him in both the Vol. 1 post-credits scene and the opening sequence of Vol. 2. Having witnessed Groot apparently disappearing before his eyes, Drax then believes he can turn invisible, too.

“I think he then came to the realization that things that don’t move or move incredibly slowly are essentially invisible,” the theorist hypothesizes. “Similar to how the vision of the T-Rex is described. What he doesn’t realize, however, is that other species don’t have this same handicap. So when he tries his hilarious invisibility bit in the following Avengers movie, he’s unable to comprehend why it’s absolutely absurd to the others. He’s convinced of a reality that simply isn’t so for everyone else.”

This is actually a really smart theory, and seems like just the sort of wrong conclusion that Drax would jump to. Of course, some others users have picked holes in it in the comments, asking how he would ever find his clothes or weapons if this was true. Or even how he saw his beloved wife when they first met, as Drax memorably tells Quill in Vol. 2 that she wasn’t moving a muscle when he first laid eyes on her.

There are a lot of logistical questions that this theory raises, then, but it’s a fun one to consider nonetheless. In fact, someone should hit James Gunn up on Twitter and ask him what he thinks of this idea. Any Guardians of the Galaxy fans want to do that?