The 8 Best Moments From The Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Trailer


8) Guardians vs. Abilisk


As we discussed in our breakdown of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 teaser, the Milano crew will fight a humongous tentacled space monster at some point in the movieWe first got a look at it in the form of concept art a while back, which named it an Abilisk, and then again in the teaser. Now, some more shots of the battle with the space squid have worked their way into the new trailer.

The preview opens with another look at the alien platform adorned with golden orbs on which the Guardians fight the monster. We then cut to a shot of Gamora and Rocket charging at the beast – which seems to emit a psychedelic-looking sonic scream. There’s also another cool slow-mo shot of Drax leaping at the monster’s mouth. Put together with another later moment, where Drax is manically hacking away the Abilisk’s insides, it looks like the character is going to get himself eaten and chop his way out from within.

These few shots do a great job of teasing a big action sequence – which we’re assuming will occur towards the beginning of the film. It also suggests – surprise surprise – that there will be some humour in the scene, thanks to Drax’s unorthodox fighting techniques.

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