Guardians Of The Galaxy’s James Gunn Would Consider Directing A DC Movie


After nurturing the once little-known Guardians of the Galaxy into a multi-million dollar property, perhaps James Gunn is the hero that the DC Extended Universe needs right now to help it keep up with its comic book competitors.

Taking to Twitter to field fan questions, an act of heroic courage in itself, the director was grilled with “Will you ever direct a DC movie if given the opportunity?” Such a question is enough to have superhero lovers salivating at the prospect. After all, Gunn’s irreverent sense of humour is inherent in his directorial style and would be a welcome culture shock to the DCEU, especially since it’s most criticized for its sombre, brooding tone which suddenly flips into a forced frivolity.

Even more intriguing was the filmmaker’s response, with Gunn saying: “I’ve been given the opportunity. But who knows. Maybe.” Which makes you wonder just which DC project the director turned down?

The ones which spring to mind are, for some reason, the ones which went through a troubled production. When tragic circumstances forced Zack Snyder to abandon Justice League, was Gunn ever part of that conversation? It’s also interesting to speculate on whether or not his name was ever in the hat following Ben Affleck’s directorial departure from The Batman. Then again, in both instances, it seems unlikely that his commitments to the Guardians of the Galaxy would allow him the time to see other superheroes on the side.

What’s left then, is future properties that DC and the director could collaborate on. Previously, Gunn’s shown love for Shazam, Swamp Thing and Jonah Hex, although after the ensemble antics of Guardians of the Galaxy, you’ve got to think that Metal Men sounds like a perfect fit.

Tell us, which DC characters would you love to see James Gunn get his hands on? Let us know in the comments section below.

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