Chris Pratt’s Brother Tells Him His Favorite Marvel Hero, And It’s Not Star-Lord


Chris Pratt’s brother Cully has no time for nepotism, choosing two MCU stars ahead of Guardians of the Galaxy’s Peter Quill as his picks for favorite Marvel superheroes.

Chris and fellow MCU regular Tom Holland recently sat down with Extra Butter to discuss the upcoming Pixar movie Onward. During their exchange, interviewer Mark S. Allen surprised the Star-Lord actor with a video call from Cully, who trolled his brother by fawning over Holland.

As well as naming Spider-Man and Thor as his top two Avengers, Cully expressed disappointment that Holland isn’t working with Chris Hemsworth on Onward instead of the Infinity Saga’s other cosmic Chris. On a sincere note, however, Chris Pratt also praised the Pixar movie for its take on brotherly bonds, telling Cully that the film seems almost designed to make him cry:

“This movie, Cully, I can’t wait for you to see this movie. Just like Dan [Scanlon], who directed it and wrote it like a love letter to his old brother, this movie is going to — you know how Radio Flyer makes you cry your eyes out? I honestly feel like my life is a simulation and this movie was made to make you cry. So I cannot wait for you to see this movie. It’s absolutely a love letter to this guy’s older brother.”

Of course, family is also an important theme in Pratt’s Guardians movies, where almost every member of the crew has some form of parent-related drama coloring their backstory. By the end of last year’s Avengers: Endgame, the Guardians family was a little incomplete, with Gamora venturing off to some unknown corner of the cosmos, though we can probably assume that James Gunn has a reunion planned for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

In the meantime, Cully’s favorite Avenger Peter Parker returns in Spider-Man 3, which is scheduled to hit theaters on July 16th, 2021, before Chris Hemsworth’s hero passes the hammer to a new God of Thunder when Thor: Love and Thunder comes out on November 5th of the same year. But first, you can catch Holland and Pratt in Onward, which arrives in cinemas on March 6th of this year.

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