Could Guardians Of The Galaxy Land A Kick-Ass 2 Star?

Marvel's Phase 2: The Guardians of the Galaxy (1)

Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is probably mentioned once every five seconds somewhere in the world. Guardians Of The Galaxy is one element of that world under scrutiny as of late. Indeed, ’tis the season for the maestros of Marvel to reveal details, confirm future films and deny rumours. Marvel’s Kevin Feige sat down with EW this last week to set the record straight and dish out the official dirt on the future of their universe. What they probably didn’t have in mind was one of the stars twinkling in their sky to hop on Twitter to do it himself.

English actor, Enzo Cilenti, known for his small roles in Next, The Rum Diary and the upcoming Kick-Ass 2 has let the cat (or raccoon) out of the bag. Yesterday he announced on Twitter:

I may or may not be in #Guardiansofthegalaxy. I am sworn to secrecy so can’t say. In entirely unrelated news, “I am”.

The Tweet was soon revoked, as Marvel are rather precious when it comes to announcing details of their franchises. Despite Cilenti’s Tweet disappearing into the ether, if you scroll down his list of recent Retweets, you’ll see an article about Zoe Saldana and Guardians. Hmmm.

The film has assembled most of its primary cast which includes Saldana, Chris Pratt, Michael Rooker, Lee Pace and Dave Bautista. One role as yet unfilled is that of Rocket Raccoon, who was said by Feige to totally steal the show. As Mr. Raccoon has a British accent, could it be that Cilenti is the man to be the voice behind the fur? Possibly.

Last week, David Tennant was rumoured to have a role in the film – with folks over at the film’s Facebook fan page swearing blind Tennant was to become Rocket Raccoon. With nothing confirmed yet by Marvel, we’ll have to wait and see when an official casting announcement is made.

Guardians Of The Galaxy jets into theatres on August 1st, 2014.