Yondu Actor Michael Rooker Shows Support For James Gunn, Deletes His Twitter


Former Guardians of the Galaxy star Michael Rooker (“I’m Mary Poppins, y’all!”) has joined the many thousands of people voicing their solidarity with writer-director James Gunn, who was abruptly removed from the Guardians franchise and indeed all other MCU projects over crude and offensive Tweets.

Frankly, the Internet is still reeling from the termination, though it hasn’t taken long for some of Gunn’s frequent collaborators – namely Infinity War trio Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista and Zoe Saldana – to voice their support of the shunned director. And now, Michael Rooker has weighed in on the developing situation in succinct fashion: he’s officially quit Twitter to show his solidarity to James Gunn.

As reported by ComicBook.com, Rooker and his team took to the social media platform on Sunday evening, where they slated Disney’s decision as “bullshit” before thanking the many thousands of fans that have voiced their own support. In fact, that backlash has been largely funneled into a Change.org petition, one which is fast approaching 200,000 signatures after just three days.

Via Twitter:

Rooker’s time in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise is ostensibly finished, after his on-screen anti-hero, Yondu, paid the ultimate sacrifice so that Peter Quill, his surrogate son, could survive at the tail-end of Vol. 2.

Still, having worked with James Gunn on everything from Slither to The Belko Experiment, it’s pretty clear that Michael Rooker has a strong opinion about Disney’s decision to part ways with James Gunn over decade-old Tweets.

The Mouse House is yet to issue any response to Rooker’s criticism or the aforementioned petition, but we’ll be keeping you right up-to-date as this situation unfolds. One thing’s for sure: at least for now, the Guardians are in need of a new captain.