Guillermo del Toro Gauging Fan Interest In Hellboy 3, Vows To Meet With Ron Perlman And Mike Mignola


Do you want to see Hellboy 3 or do you really want to see Hellboy 3? That’s the question asked by Guillermo del Toro, who took to Twitter on Wednesday to gauge fan interest in a possible third film in the cult fantasy series.

Conducting an “informal” poll, del Toro asked the Twitterverse whether the prospect of Hellboy 3 deserves a “yes” or a “Hell, yes.” At the time of writing, the survey has collected more than 100,000 responses – around 68 percent of which favored “Hell, yes” – which means the reputable director will have a “serious sit down” with both lead star Ron Perlman and Mike Mignola, the creative mind behind that iconic, cigar-chomping demon.

Here’s a rundown of how that Twitter poll unfolded:

While this is all very exciting, del Toro cautions that he can’t guarantee any tangible progress at this early, early stage. Even still, in the past we’ve seen examples of studios taking fan feedback on board – think of the barnstorming reaction to the leaked Deadpool footage – and though Hellboy 3 has spent close to five years simmering on the brink of development, del Toro clearly isn’t ready to give up the ghost anytime soon.

Never say never, as Ron Perlman so aptly put. But will this latest surge of online support yield the end result fans so crave? We’ll keep you posted on the Hellboy 3 front as this story unfolds.