Guillermo Del Toro To Direct Octavia Spencer And Sally Hawkins In Cold War Movie


After helming a string of blockbusters, Guillermo fel Toro is stepping back from the big-budget wheelhouse to focus on a smaller dramatic piece. The writer-director-producer who is seemingly developing hundreds of projects at any given time, has decided that for his next outing he’ll be venturing to the 1960s for a Cold War flick.

Currently in the early stages, the untitled film was apparently a top priority for the helmer. While we don’t know a great deal right now, it’s said to be a “mysterious and magical other-worldly love story set in 1963 America.” Fox Searchlight is backing the pic, which is already seeking its cast of characters as Octavia Spencer (The Help) and Sally Hawkins (Blue Jasmine) have signed on to star. Both actresses will begin work on the movie this summer, when principal photography is expected to start.

This is definitely a move into new waters for del Toro, and one that should excite his long-term fans regardless. While it doesn’t sound to be in the same vein as works like Pacific Rim or Hellboy, it might hew closer to Crimson Peak. His 2015 outing was far less of a flat-out horror that trailers seemed to present, and instead turned out to be a solid gothic romance.

Tell us, what do you think to this new direction for Guillermo del Toro? Excited? Or would you rather he focus on writing the script for Pacific Rim: Maelstrom? Let us know, as usual, in the comments.