Guillermo Del Toro’s Justice League Dark Script Is Finished


Word on Guillermo del Toro’s Justice League Dark has gone err… dark, as of late. Since way back in early 2013, when the director revealed his plans to adapt the DC comic, fans have been grappling for new information. It struck most folks – us included – as unusual when the title wasn’t even mentioned during the Warner Bros./DC future slate reveal last month. After nearly two years of tidbits from del Toro, thrown out into the blogosphere like butcher’s scraps, here comes some big news. The first draft of the script, tentatively titled Dark Universe, is complete and has already been submitted to the studio.

As revealed in a report by Forbes, this weekend, Warner Bros. studio heads will be tucked up in bed with copies of the finished screenplay, which is expected to follow the comic book storylines. For those unfamiliar, the comics revolve around a group of the DC universe’s darker characters. John Constantine leads the motley crew, which will likely include Swamp Thing, The Demon, Deadman and The Spectre.

NBC’s take on the Constantine character recently rolled out, and early talk concerning crossovers was addressed by del Toro. Initially, his JLD was set to fall in line with the events of the small screen series. That’s since been dashed though, as he was told to do as he pleased with the story for the movie.

With the exception of the script’s existence, there’s very little else known about the project at this stage. Who’s involved in that process is also unknown, as the identities of its writer has been kept under lock and key. However, looking ahead past the Thanksgiving weekend, there’s a strong chance that we might catch word of the initial studio responses to the script. If they’re positive, we could finally be getting a Justice League Dark movie after all.