Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim Sequel Indefinitely Delayed By Universal

Five Jaegers That Would Make A Pacific Rim Sequel Worth Our Time | We Got This Covered

Five Jaegers That Would Make A Pacific Rim Sequel Worth Our Time | We Got This Covered

It was recently revealed that Universal had put the breaks on the planned Pacific Rim sequel, but with Guillermo del Toro later promising that the movie would eventually happen, fans of the franchise at least had something to grasp on to.

Unfortunately, things are looking even worse for the film today, as Universal has now removed it entirely from their upcoming slate. In its place is Pitch Perfect 3, which was originally set to be released on July 21st, 2017, but has now been moved to August 4th, later that same year.

Before you get too despondent with this Pacific Rim update, however, the good news is that a statement released by the studio does seem to indicate that it will see the light of day at some point in the future:

“Legendary’s ‘Pacific Rim 2,’ originally scheduled for release on August 4, 2017, will be redated at a later time. The filmmakers, Legendary and Universal Pictures are committed to having ‘Pacific Rim 2,’ the sequel to 2013’s ‘Pacific Rim,’ which generated more $411 million at the global box office, be the vanguard, fully-immersive experience that the franchise deserves. To this end, the decision was made to delay the production and release of ‘Pacific Rim’ so that the creative team can continue in its efforts to exceed the amazing experience of the first film.”

That could be genuine or simply a way of saving face, but with no new release date, the Pacific Rim sequel is definitely stuck in development hell for the time being.

Tell us, do you think we’re ever going to see the movie become a reality? As always, be sure to weigh in with your thoughts in the comments section below.