Guy Fieri Offers To Grill Radioactive Ribs For Area 51 Raiders


The U.S. Air Force is trying its best to dissuade people from storming Area 51 in a couple months, but Guy Fieri isn’t helping much. In fact, the superstar chef recently offered on Twitter to serve up green “radioactive ribs” to those 1.5 million folks who want to see what’s inside the top-secret facility.

While many civilians are too smart to risk arrest/death on this doomed-to-fail raid, the promise of some barbecue by Fieri may be enough to convince anyone with a hearty appetite. The fan-favorite TV personality has a knack for making anything he touches look delicious, even if it’s glowing green.

The beloved host is just the latest of a slew of celebrities who are endorsing the rapidly growing movement. Stars like Lil’ Nas X, Lizzo, Kevin Jonas, Danny Trejo, Mason Ramsey, Jeffree Star, Liam Cunningham and more have all tweeted about the occasion. Whether or not any of them actually show up remains to be seen, but the viral sensation is only just beginning to pick up speed.

What originally started as a joke has quickly developed into something much bigger. Now the U.S. government is beginning to actually worry about what might go down on that scheduled day. For those too smart to actually attend, a future Las Vegas entertainment company named AREA15 has set up a live stream. This way, those who don’t wish to evoke the wrath of those in charge will still be able to watch the whole thing from the comforts of their respective homes.

Whatever happens that day will definitely be something worth tuning into, and if Fieri really does follow through on his offer to make ribs, the aliens who get freed will certainly be lucky. After all, there’s no way they serve anything that good on their home planet.

The raid on Area 51 is scheduled for September 20th, 2019.

Source: Twitter