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Guy Pearce And Vanessa Redgrave Climb Aboard Andorra As Clive Owen Switches Role

Andorra has added Guy Pearce and Vanessa Redgrave to its ranks, with Clive Owen adopting a new, supporting role as a result.


Andorra has added Guy Pearce, Vanessa Redgrave and Eamon Farren to its ranks, with Clive Owen adopting a new, supporting role as a result.

Scheduling conflicts are to blame for the switcheroo, meaning that it is now Guy Pearce who will take point in the lead role of Alexander Fox, a decorated bookseller who seeks pastures anew following a devastating personal tragedy. In light of Pearce’s casting, Deadline has confirmed Owen will now play the part of Mr. Dent, who shares a volatile secret with his wife (Toni Collette).

In terms of Redgrave and Farren’s characters, we understand the former has come aboard as Mrs Reinhardt, a potential thorn in Fox’s side, while Farren had landed the part of an emissary from his distant past. Elsewhere, the cast of Andorra also touts The Fall star Gillian Anderson, Joanna Lumley and Riccardo Scamarcio. Fred Schepisi is the director behind the lens, with Peter Cameron’s romantic thriller acting as the jumping-off point, creatively speaking.

Here’s the synopsis:

Andorra follows a bookseller (Pearce) who leaves the United States after a personal tragedy to begin a new life abroad. The tiny country he chooses – Andorra – is an idyllic escape, offering Alexander the chance to reinvent himself. As he meets new people in paradise, the mystery of his origin deepens as he’s suspected to be tied to a mysterious murder. Alexander finds himself in a crisis of conscience and identity, in a foreign country he may never be able to escape from.

Plans are in place for Andorra to enter production in Italy next April. As for Pearce, he’ll soon be seen in ABC miniseries When We Rise, while rumors of a potential cameo appearance in next year’s Alien: Covenant continue to swirl. Redgrave, meanwhile, has romantic drama Film Stars Don’t Die In Liverpool in the works.

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