More Evidence Suggests That Gwen Stacy Will Be In Spider-Man: Homecoming 2


After Spider-Man: Homecoming offered a very fresh take on the wallcrawler’s mythos, it only makes sense that the sequel would add its own unique interpretations of classic Spider-Man supporting characters, as well. A week ago, for instance, word arrived that Gwen Stacy, one of Peter Parker’s most iconic love interests, would be joining the MCU in the follow-up. The twist is, though, that the character will be portrayed as a high school exchange student.

Now, a second piece of evidence has arrived that further supports Gwen’s inclusion in Homecoming 2. Following on from an audition tape from a young French actress hoping to play the part, another has appeared online from Iris Haller, who was born in Luxembourg. Her audition was shared on Vimeo, with comments suggesting she’s responding to a call from agents for European actresses to try out for Gwen.

Though Spider-Man fans might initially balk at the idea of messing around with Gwen’s character like this, it would just be par for the course considering how Homecoming dealt with Peter’s other love interests. Not only did Laura Harrier’s Liz Allen turn out to be the Vulture’s daughter, but Zendaya’s snarky nerd Michelle was revealed to be an alternate portrayal of Mary Jane “M.J.” Watson.

Obviously, we don’t know what role Gwen may play in the sequel, but we can probably guess. Ms. Stacy could be introduced as another temporary girlfriend for Peter so as to draw out the romantic tension with Michelle. This was, after all, exactly why Stan Lee initially put Peter and Gwen together in the comics back in the 1960s.

Infamously, though, Gwen’s story ended when she was murdered by the Green Goblin. Seeing as that was already depicted on screen in 2014’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2, however, we wouldn’t bet on that storyline being used in Homecoming‘s sequel.

Tom Holland’s friendly neighbourhood hero returns in May’s Avengers: Infinity War, while Spider-Man: Homecoming 2, or whatever it’s called, is set to land in cinemas on July 5th, 2019.