Haley Bennett Snags Female Lead In The Magnificent Seven Remake



After testing several big-name actresses, MGM has settled on rising talent Haley Bennett for the female lead in their upcoming remake of The Magnificent Seven. Directed by Antoine Fuqua and led by Denzel Washington, this move makes a lot of sense, seeing as Bennett worked with the duo on The Equalizer and is quickly making her mark in Hollywood. While not a household name just yet, this is certainly a big move for her and should give her some much-deserved exposure.

Aside from Bennett and Washington, the only other known cast member here is current Hollywood IT boy Chris Pratt. As for the plot, the film will focus on a town that’s overrun by a “ruthless gold mining baron and his thugs.” Bennett will play the widow of one of the men who was murdered. In order to rid the town of the thugs, she hires a bounty hunter and gives him money to pay six gunmen to help out, hence the film’s title.

So far, things are shaping up quite nicely here. But, most of the film’s success will depend on the casting of the titular gunmen. If MGM could score some equally exciting names to join Washington and Pratt, then we’ll definitely be in for a treat. Especially with Fuqua behind the camera, as he’ll no doubt bring his usual sense of gritty realism to the flick.

The Magnificent Seven is still without a release date, but expect it to land in 2016.

Source: Deadline

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