Haley Joel Osment Joins The Entourage Movie


Here’s an odd bit of casting news. Haley Joel Osment (ya, remember him?) has joined the Entourage movie, which is currently shooting in Los Angeles. He’ll be playing Travis McCree, who is sent to Hollywood to oversee Vince’s new movie (a big budget adaptation of Dracula), which his father Larsen (Billy Bob Thorton) is financing. While there, however, he finds himself getting caught up in the gang’s lifestyle. What implications that has remains to be seen, but I’m fairly certain Mr. McCree won’t be too pleased about it.

Unfortunately, recent years haven’t been too kind to Haley Joel Osment. After breaking out as a child star in The Sixth Sense, he went on to make a couple more notable films and then seemingly dropped off the map, showing up here and there in smaller projects that usually only required his voice. How he ended up in the Entourage movie I’ll never know but his role here, along with his role in the upcoming Tusk, could signal that the actor is looking to stage a comeback.

The Entourage movie will presumably hit theatres at the end of 2014 or at the start of 2015. When we have a firm release date we’ll let you know.

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